Sunday, April 19, 2009

And a few more pictures...

Aww! Springtime in the Rockies! (late March)
Luke clowning around with Jack Panda
Sam and Dad at the top of Big Sky
Kate enjoys a dip

Dying Easter eggs (and look, the snow is gone!)


lorabelle said...

If we would get snow that is that beautiful, I seriously wouldn't mind getting snow in March! Ours just doesn't look that pretty...
Location, location, location...
Love the pics of the kids. Isn't amazing the growing spurts our kiddo's take? Kate looks just as happy as can be! Hope things are going smoothly. It's still so nice to hop over to your blog and know that she if finally home...

dan and rachel said...

i guess it was in this post where i noticed the amazing view through your window! (by that i am referring to my comment about the post below.) looks like your family is experiencing many good times, making memories sure to last a lifetime. so glad to read a post from you, sarah!
many blessings!

Casey said...

Yeah!!!! New pictures. It's about time....ha-ha :-)

So glad you are all doing so well. Kate is so adoreable and she seems to have grown quite a bit!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

So happy to see your posts. Especially the happy pictures. Kate is getting so big and I love her teethy smile. Hope all is well. Everyone seems to have adjusted. How's the sleeping and all??lol
Lisa R

Lisa said...


Just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you this past weekend as you celebrated Mama's day with all 3 of your kiddos!

Sarah, I remember this time last year when we both posted to the board about trying NOT to dwell on the "wait" but rather trying to think of what we might be doing one year later.......(not that we wanted to wish any time away!) :) AND here we are....home with our precious babies!

So happy for you Mama of 3!! Hope you got a bit of spoiling yesterday!!