Monday, December 3, 2007

We're "On the List" Hurrah!

So the big news today is that we are officially waiting!! We are very excited to be on the list at last. For anyone who is considering adopting from Taiwan, I just want to say that so far I have been very impressed with our placing agency Journeys of the Heart. As part of our training as adopted parents JOH requires a weekend seminar or a study packet in lieu of the seminar if you are out of State. They sent us the materials (readings and DVDs) and we were very impressed both with the breadth and depth of information covered and with the obvious compassion and sense of stewardship with which they run this program. This has been a very positive and educational experience.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Our Journey Begins

Our family of four waiting to become a family of five

What an adventure in so many ways! First time adoption, first time daughter and first time blogger. I've learned so much already. Our time line for this adoption began in early September 2007 when Dan and I decided to adopt a little girl from Taiwan. We have two awesome biological sons, ages 4 and 6, and I felt (and Dan eventually agreed) that a little girl would make our family complete. At that time we began our home study paperwork. We wrapped that up in about 10 days flat and waited for the Catholic Social Services social worker to come to our home. She came at the end of September and completed her report on October 30th. The report was then reviewed by our placing agency Journeys of the Heart, whose home office is located in Hillsboro Oregon. Their review took about three weeks. We were notified that we were "home study approved" on November 20th. You might think that we would be officially on "the list" (one of the many buzz words for parents adopting internationally). But no, there's more! We are currently waiting for the notarized copies of the home study to be sent to the Washington State offices in Shorline Washington where all the real action takes place for the Taiwan program. I am really hoping we will be on "the (infamous, yet seemingly elusive) list" by this week, but if not, it really should be the first week in December. Wish us luck! sbs