Saturday, February 28, 2009

Notes from the Peanut Gallery

Just sitting around with my puppy
Kate has a playdate with pals Sara and Lewis

Swinging with my brothers

Really mom, don't you think I'm outgrowing this hat?

Geeez! I can't believe it is already the end of February! So, I need to sneak an update in before the end of the day. The shift from two to three kids has been easier in some ways and harder in other ways that I could not have imagined. Kate is such an easy good natured baby that her transition into her new life has been much smoother and more seamless than we had anticipated. In addition, her sweet nature makes her a total joy as a daily companion. The jealousy that I thought would ensue on the part of the boys after the honeymoon of her arrival had worn off has failed to materialize; they just love her. The difference is this: I just feel BUSIER! A lot busier for some reason. The laundry seems to have grown exponentially, I run the dishwasher twice instead of once a day now, the dog has gotten the short end of the stick in terms of consistent exercise (now that I think of it, my fitness routine is not going that well either) the house is definitely not as clean as it used to be, I'm behind on all my correspondences and I can't seem to keep the pantry stocked. How can this be with just the addition of one little person?? I don't know the answer to that. I can only tell you this has been my experience. Despite being more tired and busier than I have been in a while I am thoroughly delighted with our family of five!


Lisa said...

She looks so very happy.....I love that so much! Your boys look so proud and protective too!

Thanks so much for the update and so tickled to hear that all is well in your neck of the woods! I know just what you mean about the household stuff.....could it be that gremlins are sneaking about in the night creating extra messes? LOL Wishful thinking, I suppose.....I wouldn't mind some cleaning elves though! :)

Secretly though I adore the little loads of baby laundry in Dreft...its a weakness of mine, I know! ;) But the grocery shopping and unloading of the dishwasher I would gladly trade!!

The messes will keep my friend.....each day is so precious and I'm glad you are embracing them!!
P.S. Kate is such a doll!!

Rebecca said...

COULD SHE BE ANY CUTER??????? Love the update & new pictures!

dan and rachel said...

i am so glad i checked your blog today! so GREAT to read an update!

you have a baby, girl! i think even one baby keeps you busy. it's so much harder to do *anything*! once she gets a wee bit older, i bet it'll all feel much easier. i know you're not complaining. but i gotta say, i can't believe how much easier it is with jude being 4 and indigo almost 2.

kate is absolutely beautiful and delightful!

gus gets the short end of the stick, too! two bad our two dogs can't get together to commiserate. haha!

take care and keep posting more updates! i need my kate fix! :)

Nicole said...

Cute pictures-and yes, she may be outgrowing the hat some, but it's so darn cute-who cares!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Oh beautiful baby.. How cute is she. Everyone looks happy... life with a baby is hectic I'm sure and I do get nervous thinking about that part. I havent had a baby around in 9 years...I think I am a little out of practice. I will have to pick all of your brains.

Lisa R.

Our family said...

Oh, I just love the new pictures!!! My boys adore their new sister too. :-)
Tell Kate thanks again for calling me last week...maybe she was trying to call Annabella. ha-ha

Have a great weekend.

lorabelle said...

Look at those smiles! Oh, she is still so tiny and so adorable...
Happy to hear that everyone is happy and adjusting so well. Funny how much life changes once the little ones come home, seems I'm always playing catch up from the day before so don't worry you aren't alone!

couey2007 said...

OK I need more updates on how Kate is doing! Remember last year how we lived for blogs and our yahoo group LOL!!!!

Michelle C, AL