Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Update and Hearing

Hurray! Today we received update pictures and information on our little Kate Pei-Jung. We have been looking forward to seeing our little girl for a whole month! It's thrilling to get this tiny glimpse into our daughter's life but also heart wrenching because we know just how much we are missing. The pictures and information were taken at the end of September. She is now 11.2 lbs.(up from 9.9 lbs) and 22 inches long (up from 21 inches). She is still drinking about 4 ounces of formula every four hours. It looks like she also uses a pacifier about which I am actually quite happy. I'm sure some people think that is crazy, but neither of the boys would take one and I always thought it would be a help in terms of comfort tools. Our hearing is today in Taiwan and JOH advises that "no news is good news" so we hope to hear NOTHING! Even though it could still be months until we travel, it feels like a relief to be moving along in the process. Enjoy the pictures. I'm glad she smiles in the video because, quite frankly, in the pictures she looks a little worried.


Lisa said...

I have been thinking of you all day; I know everything will be fine & I know that sentiment does not offer much by the way of comfort! :)
Kate is gorgeous and I love her little outfit. Is that something you sent?
Enjoy the updates Proud Mama!
Lisa C.

P.S. Can't believe I'm the first to comment! Yay!

Anonymous said...

I am so excited that you made it through your hearing. Congratulations and Kate is growing so beautifully. She is gorgeous. It amazes me how different the babies look from one another at such a young age.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thanks for the comment on our blog...I'll have to check out your book suggestions. And I loved everything by Lisa See, too. I started up an Asian Adoption book club so let me know if you want any suggestions for reading. And most importantly congratulations on your beautiful daughter! Hope all goes smoothly with the rest of your adoption journey and I'll look forward to seeing those first family photos.