Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Baby Kate at 3 Months 21 Days


Lisa said...

Oh, I'm glad I popped back in! :)
She is soooo pretty and I LOVED the video! How did we both find babies with those cheeks?? :)
Lisa C.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Sarah, Kate is sososo cute..
I am sure her hearing went fine today... Hopefully you guys have the fast judge.

Lisa R.

Farley said...

Kate is a beauty! She looks sooooo huggable. It's funny to hear those ladies calling a different name. Kate looks just as overwhelmed as Neko always does.
Hope you get your cutie soon!

Our family said...

She just looks so cuddly to me. What a sweetie!
And hooray, your hearing is over. One step closer.....


lorabelle said...

Look how adorable she is! Please don't worry about your hearing, I'm sure that everything went just fine and you will be traveling before you even know it!

dan and rachel said...

she is just beautiful, sarah! i love her smiles! what an amazing little girl!

Sarah k said...

OH.. she is just so so cute! She has a perfect perfect face hon! REally she does!!

Sarah k

Steve n Coco said...

What a precious little one. She is just beautiful!

Nicole said...

she's adorable-i love how she's reaching up to grab someone-too cute!
Don't you just want to know what those ladies are saying? :)

Andrea said...

Oh, she's so cute! Congratulations. I hope final ruling will come soon so you can bring her home.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Rebecca said...

PRECIOUS. Oh my word. You must be SO anxious to get on that plane!!!!