Friday, September 26, 2008

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By...

Hurray! We received an update today on Ms. Kathryn Pei-Jung, but the video did not come through = ( sad. As soon as it is resent we will post it along with pictures. Kate is beautiful and doing just great!! The update information was completed on 8-28-08 when Kate was 2 months and 22 days old. She weighs 9.9 lbs. (up from 5.1 lbs at birth!) is 21 inches long and drinks 4 oz of formula every four hours. All her developmental milestones are on target: she is focusing on faces, grasping fingers, turning her head, rolling from side to back, vocalizing and generally doing all the things you would expect from a little person her age. We feel so good about the wonderful care she is obviously receiving from her foster family in Taiwan. How lucky we are that there are wonderful women in the world who want to do this very important exhausting work. Bless them. So stay tuned! We will be posting pictures and videos just as soon as we can.

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Lisa said...

I saw sweet Kate on the board picture area and she is beautiful and even smiling a bit! Yay! :)
We were only able to post photos too, but I'm still hopeful the video snag will be worked out!
Thank you for the update on your cutie!
Lisa C.