Friday, September 5, 2008

First Care Package

Tomorrow is September 6th and Kate will be three months old. How odd and sad it feels to have missed this precious time in our daughters life. In our program (JOH program III) babies are cared for in a hospital for the first three months. Next, they are placed in a foster home where they remain until the court proceedings are complete and they are relinquished to the custody of their parents. We have heard nothing but high praise for the foster care system in Taiwan both from agency workers and families who have traveled to Taiwan to meet their children. We are thrilled that we will have the opportunity to meet with the foster mother while we are in Taiwan. Now that Ms. Kate is moving to a foster family we are able to send care packages to her. Today we sent off our first package which included two outfits, a few onesies (size 3-6 months), two pairs of socks, a build a bear teddy bear with mom's voice recorded on it, a soft picture book of black-and-white family photos (since those are the colors babies are most interested in at this age), a disposable camera so that the foster family can take pictures and a little blanket. We also sent a package to the staff at TWCA and one for the foster family. We filled those with nuts and candies from a special Montana store, Montana teas and a 2009 Montana calendar featuring beautiful pictures from around our state. We did write notes to both TWCA and the foster family hoping that someone at the agency will be able to translate. We desperately want them to know just how much we appreciate all their hard work on behalf of our family. We will always be indebted to the many people who were there to care for our daughter when we could not. We think and talk about you all time Kathryn Pei Jung. We can't wait until we bring you home so that we can cuddle, love and care for you ourselves. Soon, we hope.


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

How exciting to have sent the first care package...and of course bittersweet. I love that you sent the foster mom a package too. We will have to talk about that one. You know those of us waiting live through you all that have referrals. Thanks for sharing.
Lisa R

Lisa said...

I loved finding your post waiting for me tonight and it brought tears to my eyes. Mostly happy tears, thinking about you putting together the care package with so much love,thought and care. I truly believe they( the staff) will translate your sweet notes and just think how that will brigthen the day of the folks caring for your beautiful baby girl.
I pray she is home and in your arms soon! Then it will be ALL happy tears of joy! :)
Lisa C.

Our family said...

Hi Sarah. How exciting you got that first care package in the mail. Yeah. And Happy 3 month birthday to baby kate. :-)
Annabella turned 4 months old this past week and I know exactly what you mean about the horrible feeling of missing so much. I feel the same way. Hang in won't be much longer.

dan and rachel said...

What a lovely post! I love your idea of sending black and white photos! Very clever! You are so thoughtful and good with the details! I can't wait until you can bring her home!

babybain said...

What a great idea to send a package to the staff at TWCA and the foster family!

Rebecca said...

We did a build-a-bear too, with recorded voices!!! Little Kate will love hearing mommy's voice. :) Sounds like she will get some wonderful gifts.

Sending care packages can be wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time. I pray that you get through courts soon.


Sarah k said...

Hang in there Sarah. Sometimes the courts can move so fast especially right before the holidays. They usually have a court rush right before Chinese New year.. so keep thinking "travel call thoughts"...

Sarah k

Sarah k said...

This is Sarah k... if you need or want to talk anytime.. give me type..

And thank you so much for the comment on our blog!! I so appreciate the stop over and well wishes!! Keep your chin up sweetie!!

Sarah k

Rebecca said...

Hey Sarah, drop me an email about your blog design...

Talk to you soon!