Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Trudging into Month Eight!!

~Sigh~ Tomorrow we wrap up seven months of waiting for our little girl and I am sad to report that we are no further along than we were at the end of May. JOH had NO referrals for the month of June. = ( This is nothing to worry about, just par for the course in this crazy unpredictable ride called International Adoption. The wait is becoming increasingly difficult and, for me, the anxiety is mounting. I constantly wonder about our baby: Has she been born? What is her birthday? What does she look like? Does she have hair? What time of day was she born? How is her birth mother handling all of this? Was the birth easy or difficult? Where is she living? Is she sick? Is she well? Is she happy??? These are some of the questions I think about during the looooooong days of waiting. I feel like each month I say we are about number 4 on the list. This is because Taiwan doesn't REALLY have a list. One can only surmise a place from other people in the program to whom you've been speaking. So, perhaps I should just stop trying to guess when we are going to receive a referral. Some days I think I'm just dreaming all of this and it's not really even real. The group of us waiting now are among the first in this program to wait over seven months for a referral. Do I sound depressed?? Well...I am, a little. Please keep us and our baby and our baby's birth family in your thoughts. We could probably all use a little support right now. Onward to July!


dan and rachel said...

oh, sarah, hang in there!!!! i know your time is coming soon. think of how much of the waiting is behind you. you're so close now! sending you referral vibes!

Paul and Heather said...

Right there with you girl! I don't feel like it is real either. Sometimes I feel like I am getting room/nursery ready for someone who will never come. Our babies will come :-) Soon!!! You have to be next...and maybe there will be warly July referrals.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I hear ya!!! I know that this week will be it!!! 8 months... oy..
Lets go JULY referrals.

Lisa R.

Tisra said...

Found you on Jeff and Abbey's blog for Reed. I just wanted to encourage you in the wait. We've been waiting for 14 months with FFC/FEC for our daughter and I HIT A WALL last week with the wait. So many online adoption buddies encouraged us, and our friends in real life gathered for prayer on our behalf and it is AMAZING the difference I have in outlook this week. Your referral day WILL come, and your little one will be a perfect match for you. Congratualtions on being EIGHT MONTHS closer!

waiting for referral 14 months for our fourth child

Yvonne Crawford said...

It will happen, it has to be right around the courner!!! praying for you all!

Our family said...

I posted tonight just for you!! Now you have something new to read. ha-ha.


babybain said...

Come on July referrals! We are thinking of you and your daughter.