Friday, June 20, 2008

May Referrals

The JOH monthly newsletter arrived announcing program III had seven referrals in the month of May (4 girls and 3 boys!) So, once again we climb higher on the list. I really think we are near the top now and I am very much hoping to hear some exciting news for our family in the next six weeks. I want everybody to be thinking positive happy thoughts for us! [ and I thank you in advance for that : ) ] but more importantly for our little girl and for her birth family. We hope all of them are healthy and being well cared for at this time. Congratulations to all the JOH families who have received great news in the last month on referrals, hearings, rulings and travel plans!! We look forward to joining you all on cloud 9.


Paul and Heather said...

Oh you have my good wishes all right!!! The sooner you see your baby girls face...the sooner I will see mine!!!

Rebecca said...

So exciting!!! Praying for good news SOON!!!


Our family said...

Okay, with June behind us....we must look forward to July now.
Fingers crossed Sarah!!