Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Best Laid Plans...

Sam pushing Kate in the "Baby Train"
Since bringing Kate home we have been doing a lot
of just this: hanging out in our p.j.s

Dan on diaper duty.

"Why yes, I can sit up by myself"

"Do y'all do Pilates?"

My master plan was to wrap up Bao Bei Baby on New Years Eve and begin a new blog dedicated to the whole family beginning January 1st. You've got to admit, that would have been so perfect right? And yet...Somehow I just have not found the time to pen a meaningful farewell and launch a new era. Sigh ~ So my NEW plan is to keep this blog going until Kate's first birthday (June 6th) and begin working on a family blog in the meantime. So, here are a few pictures of Ms. Kate. We have been home for 2 weeks now and she has been settling in very well. In fact we are surprised by what a seamless transition this has been. She continues to be a very sweet easy darling baby. She eats and sleeps well and has a very happy disposition. I am so grateful that JOH required the education plan because we felt it prepared us for how to handle Kate's transition to her new life. We have mostly stayed around the house with her and had limited interaction with other people. We have kept things VERY low key and I am thoroughly convinced that this is the way to go! She sure is a fun baby! Once again, we have been incredibly blessed!


Lisa said...

Oh my gosh, is she ever a cutie pie!! All three of your kiddos are such cuties and I think its so wonderful how smooth your transition has been. Great job Mama!!
I was so tickled to see this new post & the pics!! :) Loved your idea for merging into a new blog, but ya know what?....I'm just so thrilled you are keeping it up and keeping us posted!! I needed this beautiful baby Kate fix!! :)
Thank you!!
Sarah, she's an absolute doll...I KNOW how much you are LOVING having all three of your blessings home!!
P.S. Okay...gotta mention the "diaper duty" shot....hilarious!!

lorabelle said...

You can just tell how happy she is Sarah! It sounds like everything is going so good for you all. I'm so happy to hear it! Love the new photos of everyone. It really is hard to ever imagine your life with out her isn't it?! I know that you get it though, I can just tell from the expressions on all of your faces. COngratulations again!

dan and rachel said...

so glad i checked your blog this morning! i love the pictures and i am so happy to hear that you are all settling in so well as a family! what fabulous news!

Farley and Mark said...

What is Dan dressed up in? If that's a diaper in his pocket I'd say he's ready to do battle with a stinky diaper. Glad to know all is well with y'all.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

So glad you are still posting. Your family is darling and Kate looks sosososo happy. I only hope that Paige will transition so smoothly.

I do love the hubby in full metal armor..
Lisa R

Melissa said...

Ha! I love the pilates comments. She does look like she is doing the hundreds. She is adorable!

babybain said...

I love the pics of Miss Kate! And I want her abs! Enjoy and keep laying around.

taiwanbaby said...

want more,more, more pictures now that your home!!!!


dan and rachel said...

hey sarah,
i keep checking back to catch a glimpse of your sweetheart! hope you post some pics soon! :)