Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kathryn Pei-Jung Sullivan

A few more pictures of our little ray of sunshine!!


lorabelle said...

I have read all of your post, so I'm going to throw all of my thoughts into this one, okay. What a crazy beginning! And yet in your post you still seem so calm Sarah, you amaze me...I'm so happy to hear that you've enjoyed your stay in Taiwan. It sounds like you and Dan were able to relax and take it all in and really appreciate and feel the culture differences. That is such a wonderful thing. Chris and I felt the same way. It is hard to find the right words to explain it, but it now feels like part of us and we miss it! There is no doubt that we will go back to visit sometime over the next few years. Okay, enough about that. Kathryn Pei-Jung is absolutely stunning! Her little smile and expressions are so adorable. It is completely obvious that she loves her Mommy & Daddy and seems completely relaxed in your arms. Oh the love of a Happy baby girl!!! I'm so incredible happy for you Sarah... I know how long you have waited for this moment for a very long time and it warms my heart knowing that she is now with you. Have a Beautiful Christmas!

Lisa said...

I left my long rambling comment on the previous post... :) But sure couldn't ignore this one!
She is a BEAUTY and her sweet disposition sounds absolutely lovely!
Safe travels my friend!
Lisa C.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

I am so happy for you guys... I posted below already but I just read what you wrote on my blog and I just wanted to say THANK YOU... I did not know that coral was a big thing in Taiwan.. I will be sure to purchase a piece for her when we go there..All my love..
Lisa R.

Sarah said...

Wow! How great that she's being so easygoing for you. We arrived in Taipei tonight... we're at the Grand Hyatt... and hope to get out and do some adventuring tomorrow if we're not too jet lagged.

Eva said...

Sarah, I am so moved by your posts. Baby Kate seems so contented and happy in your arms. I completely understand about your not wanting to jinx it. I was exactly the same way. I was never sure that it was really going to happy until Emma was in our arms for a couple of days. Such a beautiful family you are!

Sara and Jon said...

Oh my goodness, Sarah Friend, Miss Kate is so beautiful. I am so excited for you that she is a good, easy going baby girl. I hope we can find a time and a place to get together.
Love you,

Our family said...

Kate is just so beautiful and looks so perfect with you and Dan. I'm so happy for you!! I'm sure your boys will be so excited to have you all back home!
Congratulations Sarah!
Have a safe trip home.


Nicole said...

Oh goodness, she is totally cute!!!! She IS smaller than she looked on her updates. Probably b/c of those chunky cheeks of hers! :)
Kaiya had the SAME foster mother-Ms. Lee. She fosters so many JOH children-very neat! Kaiya was quite spoiled and treated so well by Ms. Lee. Be thankful you had such a wonderful Foster Mother.

We too did not meet the BM, they said she would be too sad to come. I was SO sad to not meet her-i would have loved to have seen her with my own eyes and reassure her that all will be well with our little one.

Anyhow, have fun-have a safe travel back and can't wait to see more updates/pictures! :)

Joe and Jane said...

Congratulations!! She is adorable! And I'm so glad she's easygoing too!

Sarah said...

Hi guys! Hello from across town! Thanks so much for the offer to meet up. We didn't get a chance to see you today as we had dinner plans with another adopting family with Cathwel. Tuesday and Wednesday we're going on a tour out of town. I'm assuming that you're heading back home now... and I hope that you have smooth travels and that your little one sleeps peacefully as much as possible! If you are still going to be here on Christmas day, contact me. We'll be looking for something fun to do!

Sarah k said...

Oh wow hon.. absolutely priceless!!! You have done an amazing job swinging with everything and I am so glad you are all ok!!! Congratulations on finally getting to your child!!!

Sarah k

babybain said...

It is wonderful to see you with her! I love how happy she is on the bed! I miss Taiwan!

Farley and Mark said...

Hey y'all! So good to meet you in Taipei. We should definitely keep in touch. Hope you're having a great time with Kate. Take care!