Monday, May 19, 2008

Behind the Scenes

Part of the international adoption paper chase is to ensure that forms get to where they are suppose to go. It used to be that the I171-H (permission to adopt a foreign born orphan) was sent directly from the INS to Taipei Taiwan. The U.S. govt recently changed the rules so that everything now goes through the National Visa Center in Portsmouth New Hampshire. On the advice of our agency, I spent an hour on the phone today making sure that our physical file had been sent from Portsmouth to Taipei. It was fun to find out that it had indeed been sent on April 15th. (tax day! I wonder if that means anything???) It was exciting to learn that things are going on behind the scenes even when we don't know it. So, hang in there little girl, between ourselves, multiple agencies and two governments we are preparing to come get you! Yay!

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Yvonne Crawford said...

Doing that made me feel so much better. So, yay you got to mark it off your things to do list. :)