Monday, January 7, 2008

Checking Things Off Our List!

Today we mailed off the 14 pages of answers to the JOH educational packet (Whew, glad to be done with that!) We thought the DVD's and readings were great! There was plenty of interesting thought provoking information as well as many moving inspirational stories. It is unfortunate, I think, that there is not an educational curriculum required for people who are choosing the biological route to build their families. I certainly could have used more guidance when we brought home our first two bundles of joy. Anyway, we are thankful for all we have completed in the last four months and hopefully we are getting closer everyday to our beautiful happy healthy baby girl. : )

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Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Yeah for you guys finishing that packet. We are working on it. It is very interesting so far!
Fellow JOHer waiting to get on wait list.
Lisa (NY)